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TRUST   IS   #1

Why would you choose TRAVEL  AMERICA as your student travel company? Because you can trust them to take care of you  and  your students.

Our founder, Daniel B. Green, "Dani", took her very first 6th grade group of students to WASHINGTON DC during the 1981/82 school year.  At that time she fell in love with the world of educational student travel and has worked to build lasting relationships based on genuine integrity and  to provide the safest, most complete programs with packed itineraries at the most affordable price. After all these  years she is still very much a daily part of working toward the best trip ever for all TRAVEL AMERICA STUDENTS.    As a company we can say, "we always put the people first".  We know that our job is to listen to our teachers and respond appropriately to meet the requests, needs and desires of those who build our company.  We have never lost sight of our position in the greater plan, we are servants to our fellow travelers and for that privilege we thank you all who have traveled with us over the past years.  We are always willing to offer references should you seek a recommendation before making a decision to allow us to work for you.  Many of our groups have been traveling with us for the lifetime of the company and we are now taking the children of students who were TRAVEL AMERICA STUDENTS themselves.

We are actively seeking YOU as our next educator who wishes to provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to your students, parents and yes, your community.  Educational group travel imparts a dependable impact on not only your students, but their parents and the school community as a whole. 


Go ahead and request a no obligation, no risk quote for the  destination of your choice.  Let us build for you a best selling program for your TRAVEL AMERICA STUDENTS.   


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